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The imported PNG file is poorly resolved

Hello, my name is Marco. I'm new here.


I use the trial version to see if I want to work more intensely with Videoscribe. It makes a very good first impression.


I (a teacher in a public school) want to fill out my worksheets with Videoscribe. But when I import them as PNG (123 MB), they look totally pixelated in Videoscribe.


Is this due to the trial version or can VideoScribe not work with large PNG files?





Attach your PNG for specific suggestions about how to solve your problem.

In general, you probably don't need to use an image file larger than 1 MB or more than 1080 pixels wide.

Mike (videoscribe user)

 I solve the problem. I convert my PDF worksheet in Inskape to SVG. Now it works.

Thanks for your help



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