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How to recover Videoscribe Files on Windows 10

Hello! I recently reset my laptop and when I installed VideoScribe, all my projects were gone. I found my projects on the old window account but I couldn't open it or transfer it to the new version of the videoscribe. Please help me. Please. :(

If you are using the same hard drive, and you didn't delete or relocate your projects either intentionally or accidentally, then they should be immediately apparent when you login to the new install of videoscribe.

I believe that videoscribe projects are stored, in a proprietary format, in the videoscribedesktop folder in the appdata folder. If you are copying projects from one hard drive to another, that is the folder that you need to copy. If your reset created a "windows.old" or some other type of backup folder, then you may be able to find your files in there. Again, look for the videoscribedesktop folder.

If that folder was deleted completely with no backup, then your local project files miiight be gone as well.

You can raise a ticket if you want to contact customer support for a more thouough discussion of your situation.

hope that helps,

-MIke (videoscribe user)

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