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Service Incident -

We currently have a technical issue with and our engineers are working on the situation. Videos are being published by the service but there is a backlog of request to work through so there will be a significant delay to video publishing at this time. 

If you could please refrain from sending multiple copies of the same video to the service at the moment as this will only increase the backlog and the time it will take the service to return to normal.

In the meantime, if you need a video urgently you can still publish your project locally and get a copy of your video that way. You can do this using the option highlighted in this screenshot.

We will update this post once the service has returned to normal.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue

I am pleased to advise that the backlog of unfinished videos has now been processed.

The system is currently processing videos published within the last hour. If you are still waiting for a project published before that it is likely that request has failed, please try it again now that the service is back to full capacity.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue and thanks very much for your patience and understanding while we worked on the issue. 

It's over two months later, and I'm still experiencing this problem uploading to

You seem to have an ongoing back log problem.

I also cannot download a file to my computer as shown. 

It looks as if it is "rendering," I get a message - eventually - that is has finished and my file is downloaded, but there is NOTHING there.

Same problem here.  It takes hours to upload a small 1:30 video into  I am merely trying to upload and download again as mp4.  Why don't you make downloading as an MP4 file one of the main options when we create the video.  This is holding up my production of a string of videos because we require MP4 for our project.

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