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Voice Over Is Cracking


I just started a scribe and I already have an mp3 of voice over ready. But when I add it to my scribe the voice over breaks/cracks a lot throughout. It is not a problem of the mp3 file as I played it in two different players and it is fine. Its just that it cracks when I add it to my scribe and preview it and also when I play the animation. 

If anyone has faced the same problem, could you help me? Thanks.

Please attach the mp3 and raise a support ticket, or at least list all of the specs of the file if you want more suggestions.

I have raised a support ticket.  As far as the specs go, its just an mp3 file. 

I recorded my voice using the inbuilt windows recorder. Then opened it in my sound editor to cut the pauses and amplify it and finally saved it as an mp3 file to import it to videoscribe.  I have done exactly the same steps for another scribe last week and it was OK.

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