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Request: An option to disable the semi-recent "edge scrolling" feature


Oftentimes I work with images that have full-colour backgrounds and thus bleed off of the edge. And/or bespoke images of which the SVGs are already at 1920x1080 to ensure the drawn elements are positioned the way the artist intended them to be. When resizing the images to make them fit to the viewport, I always get caught by the super-sensitive edge scrolling feature which, by a mere touch of my mouse near the border, moves my screen like 50% further and scales my imported image way beyond my intentions. To circumvent this, I have to zoom out so I can scale the image without touching the border, scale said image to what I think would be the viewport's edge when zoomed back to 100%, zoom back in to verify, zoom back out to adjust, etc etc. To me, the edge-scrolling feature is extremely tedious and sometimes even frustrating. I would love to an option to disable this feature so I can scale my images to fit the viewport without Videoscribe taking me on a journey across the whiteboard. :-)

Many thanks for considering.

I have the opposite problem, I always use the scroll feature to zoom in and out using my mouse scroll wheel, with update 3.6.1169 it seems that feature was completely removed. It feels like my efficiency has degraded and it's like switching from mouse to trackpad, a total downgrade. My productivity has been decreased drastically and I didn't know that such a simple feature could become so annoying when taken out. I understand Tomas's problem, so can you at least set up a toggle in the settings instead of completely removing it or adding it?

The development team are aware of this issue and will be looking to implement a fix in an update. 

To clarify, I have no objections to zooming with my mouse scroll wheel. My frustration comes from whenever I'm resizing an element by dragging one of the bounding box squares. If my mouse pointer gets close to the edge of the viewport VS moves the viewport at super sensitive speeds, which is hair-pullingly frustrating at times.

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