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My Scribe Will Not Load/Open

I'm trying to open a Videoscribe file. Every time, the file load pauses/freezes at approximately 90%. I've tried loading an Online scribe, Local scribe, exporting and then trying to load an imported scribe. But nothing works. Please help.

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 save it online and raise a ticket to ask customer support for help.

also, close videoscribe and restart videoscribe, then try to open the scribe.

if it opens, try to resolve some of the problems in the project by following the tips in the following thread:

(especially  the tips about using images with small file sizes, keeping your zoom levels reasonable, and arranging your elements closer together in a roughly 16:9  shape

Hi Victor. I am having the same problem.

I tried the tips Mike gave and have raised a ticket. how was your issue resolved?

 Hopefully you have both gotten solutions from Customer support, but if you want users to give suggestions or feedback, you can attach a .scribe file here in this thread and ask for suggestions from users.

-Mike (user)

hello.   im trying to log in the pragram, but it´s not possible.

firt shows that mensage even  though i´ve alredy done:  To use offline mode, you must first log in online with 'Remember Me' selected

and then i persist and shows another mesage : resume of all in picture bellow.  please, helpe me.




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