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Scribe not publishing!

Someone back in 2016 had the same problem I'm having currently! This shouldn't happen! Can't publish! Sho just keeps spinning! Never been able to upload to YouTube. When downloaded it says the video content is not working! Come on; fix this previous issue with Scribe!

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I am experiencing the same. Sho didn't issued the link to video I recently uploaded and after so many hours, that video is not even rendered yet.

If you are experienceing an issue with a upload please log a support ticket via and include the shortlink to your video. We can then take a look at it's progress for you.

The thing is that I didn't get a shortlink. When it appears that "Video is published on" the link portion was empty and I didn't even get the follow-up email they send normally.

Video is published on is a confirmation the video has published. 

You've published it as Private though so you will need to log-into and click on 'My Videos' to see it. You will not be able to see Private videos unless you are logged in

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