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Do not find images used in Template scribes

Hi there

I saw template scribe "Stickup Theme" and want to reuse the sticky post in my scribe. However I am not able to find sticky post image in the image library (either on my PC or online). I see that this is also true with other template scribes where some images that I want, are not in the library.

So please help me if I am correct and what way I can get the images added to my library.



Some of the images in the templates are custom made for that template and not always available in the library. You are able to either copy that image and paste it in your scribe project. Or, you can right click the image and Export to an SVG. You can then import this image into your scribe project. 

We added some new images last September which included the sticky note from this template. Anything we create for a template will end up in the Library -

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