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Exporting Silhouettes does not work

 Hey all,

when I try to export videos in which I used the silhouette function, the icons appear for a fracture of a second colorful and than turn black. When I watch the video in VidoScribe this does not happen.

Do you hvae any solution so that the picture appears black immediately in the exported video?

Thanks for your help!

One option is to export the image from your videoscribe timeline as an SVG, then change all the colors to black using illustrator or inkscape, then save it with a new file name and import it back into videoscribe.

Hello, I spent some time looking at this yesterday and it's not what it seems on the surface. This will happen with this image regardless of if it is in Full Colour or Silhouette mode.

The issue is drawing images with a 0.0sec animation time that DO NOT have a reveal stroke on them for the fill. 

As the fill is then not 'technically' drawn by VideoScribe the renderer is drawing all the strokes in one frame and considers the image finished. The next frame the fills pop into place as they would normally. 

So the workaround to this issue is to add a reveal stroke to the SVG and then the fill will be drawn as part of the image and will be smoother in this particular animation time. 

We've logged a bug for it but in the meantime I have added a reveal stroke to the character in this example for you

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