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I made a video on my free account now it doesn't upload to the youtube

I spend around 5 hours to create video and finally i made it but right now i need to upload it to the youtube it doesn't goes through . it process up to the window of my youtube and than there is a window to allow video scribe to access my youtube but the button doesn't go blue to continue. please kindly let me know how to do. i  spent 5 hours and now it stock. also i tried to download too the app took my one hour but finally didn't download. 

waiting to hear from 


 Someone posted the same problem in another thread.

 Customer support is not available on the weekend. I recommend that you save your project as a .scribe file and also publish it as a powerpoint file, while you wait for customer support to reply Monday.

Also, it may be a good idea to raise a support ticket.

See the support article- Can't Publish to YouTube.

Render the project locally and then manually upload. 

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