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Login Problem - 3.3.2-1

 Hi :)
I just tried to do an update (to 3.5.2)(which I did by accident and cancelled)

Now when I try to login I get - "a technical problem was encountered"  -see screenshot attached.

All help greatly appreciated!! deadline looming and no support until Monday.

Thanks in advance :)

 If I understand correctly, you started installing the update and then stopped it. so you probably have some new and old files that won't work together. or partially downloaded files that won't work at all.

A likely solution is to uninstall whatever is installed, and then re install one complete version of videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

That's right, so if you're getting that message the latest version hasn't been installed. 

Uninstall, and upgrade to the latest version on the download page

 Thanks Mike and thanks Hayley - manual upgrade worked. Thanks again.

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