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Reveal object only with camera movement but the object is already there.

I need to know how to make an element for either text or illustration not appear through any kind of animation. In other words, the element is revealed only after a camera movement. If I just put the animation time at "0" the element appears after the camera reaches its position, I need the element to be there before.


Thank you


1) add the element that you want to move the camera to.

2) place the camera where you want it to start for that image.  for example, if you want the camera to be pointed at the previous element or a blank part of the canvas, then position the camera there.

3) with the element from step one selected, click "set camera".
4) add a dummy image (preferably something simple with a small file size. I keep a small white SVG with a small file size handy for this type of trick.)

5) move the camera to the next position (in this case that means aiming the camera at the element mentioned in step one) , select the dummy element in the timeline, click "set camera"

6) move the dummy image somewhere off screen where it will not be seen, or make it 100% transparent.

7) (you may also want to set the hand to "no hand" for the dummy element, or set the draw time to zero.)

8) (adjust all of your draw time, transition times and pauses however you want them)

if necessary, experiment with a scribe containing only 2 or 3 elements until the process makes sense to you.

related threads explaining how to use dummy elements to control camera movements for drawings that are already on the canvas or outside of the visible canvas area:

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