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First draw, need some help

Hi guys, 

It's my first draw using videoscribe, pretty excited about it. I watched hours of tutorials, but funny thing is I have some issues to do some very basic stuff.

First of all let's say I draw a cat : when i want to make it bigger i do, but i have issues to stop it easily. With the mouse it's going big, and little, and big. Until I stop it, with a size than I doesn't like.

Second let's say with this cat I want to draw a dog. I have issues to move the dog, as it seems to be stuck together with the cat. If cat is up, and dog down, i can't put this dog on the same line than the cat, on his left for example.

Can someone help me please? 

Thanks a lot ! 

Hi Mathieu- we can see you raised a ticket so we'll get back to you through that.

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