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Mercyless Crass, bloody destroyer of work and will to live ...

Hey, here G. 

I download the recent "fixed" pro version of Videoscribe and, as I see I have the very same old same old problems that anyone from the 2017 to today (3/15/20).... 

Try everything the former complaints did:

- Reframe to 25%-100% camara set

- Lower the image quality

- Lower the graphics

- Compressed my own images

- Eliminate my own images

- Save online

- Save on my desk

-Installed a prior version that never opened... desinstalled a previosu version and installed the most recent

-Eliminate space on my disk

-Try all compatibility modes... windowx Vista, Xp, 8, 7...

- Cry in fetal position....

None of these worked. My conclusion is that the program has a MAYOR plug in or interphase problem. 

I want a refund, today is 15 and I buyed the pro version on the 13th.... its 48hr of NON stop ¨troubleshooting¨crying and fighting with relatives by sheer frustation. 

Refund Please!!


Hello Giovanna, I can see you have raised a support ticket so we'll take a look at the project and see what we can do to help.

Hey Barry, well as you mention, I raised a ticket On the wee hours of the 14th, then I post this comment on the 15th in the evening. As I had a deadline for the presentation of guess what the COVID19, I used another program that didnt crash not got frozen and start over again I leave the link here so y’all can appreciate my work: Regarding the videoscribe I just cancel my subscription and forgot and forgave that traumatic event I would definitely wont recommend this software and from now on I’ll continue working my presentations with Animaker. Thanks for nothing! Hope y’all believe in karma cause even if you dont it would catch you up!!!

It was unfortunate timing, we're not open on the weekend but got back to you as quickly as we could on the Monday, within a few hours of opening. 

You said you'd been working on the project all day when you experienced the system crash, sorry that the Emergency back-up made you think your work was being fully saved. You still need to save your work regularly to be sure not to lose things, the back-up is just a safety net rather than a full save and will be deleted if you close VideoScribe naturally (not a crash) or dismiss the restore back-up window when you open the application again. 

Anyway, I'm glad you got your videos out on deadline, even if it was with a competitor. Each of our products offer different options so hopefully you'll find a use for both to provide variety to your channel, just remember to save regularly nomatter which you are using as you never know when the technology may have a glitch and need resetting.

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