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Can i change the scale to 9:16 ??

Can i change the scale to 9:16 ??

Videoscribe uses a 16:9 ratio, so I think the simplest working solution is to rotate all the images and text 90 degrees in videoscribe, essentially build the project sideways, publish the video, then use a video editing app to rotate the video 90 degrees the other way so all the elements are now upright for a 9:16 ratio.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)

Or now for the low price of an additional 10 bucks a month, you can use their other product to have access to all the same images and features but with a canvas size option. 

I've been shaking my head since I found out as this was clearly a feature current users were looking for so it feels a bit like a slap in the face.

 What is the name of the other product that does the same thing but also includes canvas size options?

Scribely by Sparkol 

A stand alone app that has options for scaling the canvas size. I didn't even know it existed until Videoscribe referenced to it in a question a user asked about this very same topic. I admit I got really excited until I realized Videoscribe users don't have creator access to this. (Another 10 bucks a month.) I raised concern about needing to pay for two apps for one simple feature and was told.. quote..

"...we don’t want or expect people to use both VideoScribe and Scribely at the same time. VideoScribe as you know is great for longer videos with more complex scenes, transitions and animations, while Scribely has been specifically designed for short and punchy social media posts."

So basically it is assumed paying customers would only want one option, but not both, even though I am certain this canvas option is not ground-breaking news to them. Needless to say, I'm a little frustrated. Even in the worse case scenario, (I understand software development is a monumental task) allowing access to the new app to current users or even properly announcing it for feedback would have been greatly appreciated.

 Oh Yeah I think I remember hearing about it. Thanks.

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