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I'm using VideoScribe 3.5.2 - the latest?

When I clicked on the ? at the bottom, it shows that version. I just want to make sure I have the latest w/all the bugs fixed. I started using it today (after a few months not using it). I love this software, but today it kept getting stuck as if I had a "shift" key to hold and select various frames, but I wasn't. Is this going to be fixed soon? I had to quit three times to stop if from doing that. Still love this program. Thank you for creating it. I'm enjoying it.

The latest version is 3.5.2-18

If you aren't using the latest version, follow these steps to upgrade

Sorry, I sent a reply thru email, I thought it would work here, too.

Well, I found out that I do have the latest version (3.5.2-18), so I'm ok. I will, however use it today and see if I keep getting the errors. My Mac needed restarting at one point and the problem could have been that. I'll let you know later how I fare. 

Thank you for your assistance (love VideoScribe :0)

Hi Rosie- glad you're enjoying VideoScribe!!!

The weird stuff hasn't happened in a few days, so it may have been a fluke. I'm enjoying the software quite well. I will try to post a couple of my videos on the VScribe's site (I think you all said we can. Where is that, btw?

You can always send them to! (Option 2 in Publish and Share Scribes)

Thank you, Hayley, I found out how to post it from within the "download" dialog box, and posted it thru already. If I want to update it (I saw some minor errors), how do I go about replacing it? Should I open another topic for this one?

You'll just need to delete it and upload a new version :)

Thank you, Hayley. You can consider this topic closed.  (the theme is about the latest version of VidScr, anyway, right? :0)

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