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Trying to make my ipad work for drawing

I have an iPad (not pro) and have been struggling with the problem of getting simple stick figures I draw in both Adobe Sketch and Draw to work well with VS. Is anyone having luck with any iPad apps that play well with VS? Something that easily sends paths to Illustrator. Or better yet, can go straight into VS. I have read most, if not all, of the posts about this issue and have made numerous attempts to problem solve and yet have been unsuccessful making it work.Thanks for your help.

 from another thread:

1. Draw your design in Adobe Photoshop Sketch, using only the pen or pencil tool in it.

2. Make sure Adobe Illustrator is launched on your computer

3. Send your sketch to Adobe Illustrator. A .sket file is being opened in Adobe Illustrator

4. In Adobe Illustrator select your artwork, then, in the menu go to: Object -> Line and Sketch Art -> Expand to Paths

5. The artwork is now converted to Basic paths, make sure the 'Variable Width Profile' is set to 'basic'. 

6. Save or export your file to svg 

if you still have trouble, maybe attach one of your SVGs.

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