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"Render complete" but there is no file

Hi there,

for days I have big issues rendering my scribes. After the acual process of rendering it says "Rendering complete" but there is no video anywhere. I already deleted and re-installed the program but that won't help. This issue occurs on all of my recent projects and is quite frustrating.

Can anyone help?

Best regards

Where are you rendering your scribe to? 

If go go to render again- it will show you where it saves locally. Have you checked that folder? 

If you raise a ticket with the support team, and upload your scribe to the cloud, they can further assist. Let them know the name of your scribe. 

Hi, yes I haved checked everything.

I will get in touch with the support team now. Thanks!

The issue was solved by the team. The problem was caused by the naming of the scribes. Each scribe that wouldn't fully render had a dot in thier name. So that was all I needed to change.

Thanks again to Jonathan.

 I'm just adding a reply in case I need to google search for this later. There appears to be a known bug which causes rendered videos to fail to save if the file name includes certain characters. Alpha numerical names are recommended.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes. Also, I would like to add that the same issue occurs when you insert a name with a tabulator key.

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