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I recently discovered and it is a great improvement over sitting around and not being able to use videoscribe for a few hours!

But I would like to be able to set the Thumbnail please - otherwise the video image is not so good.

I have shown below what I did with Youtube where I uploaded a thumbnail and Sho-co where I did not (if you can please tell me how?). One reason is that when you upload to places like Linkedin, you see some very odd images that are pretty useless.

below I show the diffences and what shows.

Well I see mo I just used Sho-co again - and  yes its great -very useful  BUT

here is the video I made. How you you think this stacks up when you post it to Youtube

I hope that there is a solution to this - it seems all videos at least all the ones I have made...take the first letter and make that the thumbnail....

does noone see a problem with this?

Hey JP, we often leave feature requests to see if there is any community interest before we chip in. 

With this one you cannot select a thumbnail in at the moment but it's something that has an existing request already. It's a few years old and only has 2 likes so there does not seem to be a lot of demand for what you are asking. We try to keep it to one request per feature so if you could vote for the existing post and comment there that would be helpful.

If you don't like the thumb you can always download the mp4 file and upload that to another video sharing platform like YouTube which does have the option to select a thumbnail, or upload your own.

 thanks Barry - I sometimes have trouble finding those places to "raise my Hand" - yes you can go to Youtube - BUT the thumbnail only stays on the Youtube version...when you download that file to your computer, I am pretty sure it loses the thumbnail...

the point is, sho-co needs to consider this even if only 2 requests - because at the end of the day, its a great platform, but missing the thumbnail - I have wracked my brains trying to think of how to force a thumbnail without detracting from the video and the only way I cna think of is to take a screen grab of the introduction and make videoscribe show it for a 10th of a second bevore starting...

So where and how are you using these videos?

 Most of my videos are educational for university students or technical support folks - I copied a line from my youtube channel "cytometryman" - so the thumbnail is important I think -


Sorry, could have been clearer. By how are you using these videos I meant in what software are you displaying them? You mentioned downloading them locally so I assumed you were displaying them elsewhere? For example if you are inlaying in a PowerPoint there is a way to set a thumbnail there. It's usually the software that you use to host the video in which sets the thumbnail it displays, the video file itself does not hold a thumbnail you can choose. 

Granted does not have this facility and I agree it would be useful but other platforms do which is why I suggested them if this was important to you.

 well for example one of my scientific societies puts up educational materials on their site and probably most of my videos will go there, also I send them to linkedin and we have a scientific facebook account - but when I send them to either site, they look horrible! - actually they end up with a letter only on the I cant send any videoscibe video to linkedin...even from youtube...

 Well Barry - it seems its hard to win! Please look at what looks like in This is  a great example of our inability to select a thumbnail.  I hope you can convince your colleagues that if they could never select the thumbnail for an advertisement they were making, noone would watch it!!

In the above I went to all the trouble of take a screen grab of the the first screen that shows the title etc of my video. I inserted it at the beginning of my scribe, gave it 0.5 sec of screen time...assuming that as before, would take the first letter or first object shown.....and what did Sho,.co do? it took the last screen. It is literally a random event.

So it seems to me there is no way to predict what is going to do. It needs to be changed.



So I can't comment on your own site as it will depend what software you use to edit that site but with LinkedIn and Facebook you can choose a thumbnail when you upload a video for them to host.

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