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Hi,  is Chinese writing available yet i n Videoscribe?    I've seen posts from many years ago saying no..  but now its 2020.  I appreciate there is a workaround by writing  and then doing vector tracing etc.

I attach a screenshot of a videoscribe style  movie (seem to have VS SVG assets)  But they certainly write a LOT of Chinese characters.  Maybe this is a Chinese version copy of VS,  with Chinese writing available ?  This was on Chinese TIKTOK platform., here in China. 

all th ebest  


Chinese writing is not yet available- but the team is working to support it in the future 

Hi Hayley.

Thanks for that,  that must mean the Chinese have an app that is "very similar" to yours as they seem to have found a way to write / scribe Chinese writing on their published scribe videos.  I'll see if I can find it :o)

Hello....    OK, I have done some research.

This web site     will download an app that makes scribed videos  (windows 64)    All in Chinese.   The app is free. 

In the text section,   you download a Font style in Chinese or western etc....   and it writes out the strokes of the Chinese characters.    You can edit the Chinese text direct on the scribe paper.  No need to enter an editing window.

We are trying to contact the providers of this app to see if its possible to export the Chinese text strokes to SVG then maybe I can import them into Vscribe.

Now....    if this FREE Chinese app can do the scribed writing so easily, Why cant our friends at Sparkol do it too?  There's the Challenge ladies and gents...   in the coding department.  

I'm actually very much disappointed in the Sparkol team for the lack of support on this issue. I see there are posts inquiring about Chinese language support from 2014. Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers in the world. It's quite an oversight, even from a business strategy perspective, not to support a language that is relevant even in western business circles. 

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