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Why is it so hard to do basic things...??

 I want to like Video Scribe, really I do. But. Aaargh. So much time wasted on things that should be intuitive.

I'm re-creating a video using the Valentine scribe templates with red balloons. I edit slides to what I want and when I go to run the video, it jumps around and doesn't keep the elements on screen (so they can not be seen at all). I've seen the suggestion to set the camera for multiple elements, but that is not working for me at all. I can not select more than one element at a time. Also tried setting the scribe to "fit screen", still not working.

So frustrating.

How can I set the video to show all elements while each is being scribed?

You can select multiple elements by using the hotkeys: 

  • CMD+ click  (MAC)
  • CTRL + click or SHIFT+ click (selects a group) (PC)

We would suggest placing all your elements how you wish to see them on your canvas, and then setting the camera for all these elements. 

Check out these articles for full details on setting the camera

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