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Weird line width when importing custom SVG.

Im having this problem since few weeks ago, sometimes my drawings will have weird line widths when imported to videoscribe. 

I've been working in this way for almost 2 years and this is the first time that I have this problem.

You can see the problem in the images below

illustrator> illustratorvideoscribe>videoscribe image

As you can see, when imported to videoscribe some lines get weird, I dont know how to fix that...


Does someone knows that should I do to stop this? Thank you...

You'll have to upload the SVG so we can take a closer look.

If you don't want to upload your SVG to the forum, you can always raise a ticket with the support team to take a look. 

Here it is!


Your lines here are fills and not strokes, you are then using a reveal layer over the top and in places that's not lined up either (see screenshot). If you are making line images for VideoScribe then use Basic and Uniform simple strokes for the image itself and you will get great results every time.

 in addition to what Barry said,

When I open the SVG in illustrator, I can see that the narrowed lines are actually in the SVG and not just a byproduct of Videoscribe's rendering. Some of the black filled areas look thin in the SVG either because:

1) you may have unintentionally selected and moved some of the vector nodes before saving the SVG or

2) possibly, a combination of the image scale being small, and the "Decimal Places" setting in the SVG save options not being high enough to accurately reproduce the small scale image. A decimal Places setting of 3 will result in more precise node placement than a decimal place of 1 for example. In some image, the difference between a setting of 1 and a setting of 3 may be noticeable. or

3) (possible for some other reason that has not been identified yet.)

My first suggestion is to open your original vector file, which still looks better than the SVG, and re-save your SVG with a new name and a higher Decimal Places setting, and then check the results in videoscribe.

Also, you may want to follow Barry's suggestion about  adding transparent stroked paths to make your SVG "draw" more naturally in videoscribe. Here are some links that may help you understand how videoscribe works with stroked paths better than filled paths:

youtube video about SVGs (note: it is an older video featuring an older version of videoscribe)

Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017-2019)

Barry, yes, Im using paths with fills, to get a more stylist result I use the blob brush in illustrator, but I have been doing so for 2 years now and only started to have problems now.

Mike, your solution really helped me, I changed the decimal number to 3 and it works! Thank you, for real, thank you!

 Excellent! Thank you for sharing your results!

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