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One way to reduce rendering time

If Sparkol  allowed users to run two instances of Videoscribe from the same IP address at the same time, rendering time and project time could be greatly reduced!  I often work on scribes in segments and I save the scribes to my computer.  It would be great if I could save  a scribe  to my laptop and desktop and while I am rendering on the desktop, continue with work on my scribe on the other computer.   I hate to waste time waiting  for a render.  I often require four or five renders on a segment before I can get it like I or my customer wants it.  Please Sparkol, help us reduce rendering time!

Thank you,


You could always render to (Option 2- Publish and Share Scribes) and you'd be able to work on another project whilst another renders. You'll get an email as well when the renders complete. 

Thanks Hayley, yes, (with issues) is a possibility, but in practice, it doesn't work out near as well as having a local work flow on fast machines (main video editor here is Edius).  If I were CFO at Sparkol, I would consider adding a small increase to subscription rates for those who want to access and render from multiple machines at the same IP address.  Win win.  Revenue for Sparkol and faster throughput for us.  You already have the infrastructure in place, why not use it?  :)  


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