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ability to control the flow of the "presentation"

We came from the "Power Point world", and one thing PPT is good is providing us the ability to control the flow of the presentation, something useful when we are presenting live, and also very useful when we are recording the voice to create a video, and that´s what we miss in VideoScribe, it is very hard to adjust transition / delay video times to what we have to say. So, we thought you could have kind of a "PPT like mode" inside your voice recording tool, so it will ignore "Pause" time and only advance to the next element when we press a key, allowing us to control the flow as we record our voice. Of course, to make this tool work the software will have to record not only the voice, but also the "pause" time for each element, and update it for all elements at the end of voice recording, so we will have a perfect voice / video sinc at the next rendering.

If that's what you want, just make a separate videoscribe video for each slide and then embed each video into Powerpoint as a slide. That would do exactly what you are requesting.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 Hi Mike. Yes, it will work, but this solution has 2 problems for us: it loses video quality, and, most important, we create education videos with 50, 60, sometimes 70 slides, it will take hours to render each slide in separate and "assemble" it into a PPT. We solved the problem during video edition, recording the audio separately and "stretching" some parts of the video to make it fit, but it´s also a lot of unnecessary work.

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