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Is it possible to have two voiceover?

After having one voiceover in English, perhaps I'd like to make another video with everything the same except just a voiceover in a different language. Is it possible?

It might be if a video is need in English, perhaps a French version is also needed...

(actually if Spanish is needed also, then a third voiceover will be necessary)

You can have two audio tracks in VideoScribe.

You can record a voiceover directly into VideoScribe and then import another voiceover into the music track section or import a voiceover and import another voiceover into the music track. 

-Record a voiceover

-Add a music track

What if I do need the music (I already chose a music track from your library). Then is it true that I can have 1 voice-over, and then need to record the other 2 voiceover from another app and import into VideoScribe to replace the built in voiceover?

Then will my original built in voiceover be gone (and I'd lose it)?  If this is the case, then maybe it is better just to record 3 voiceover in the other app?

You can have two music tracks, so if you need to add anything else, you need to use a third part app to put them together or edit them

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