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Is it true that when moving an image, it will have no color during the move?

I used a morph to move one image to another place.

My timeline has image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and I copied image 2 and paste it as image 7, and morph image 7 from image 2.  And I see the image moving but just the outline, without color. Can it have colors during the move?

Morphing does not work on fill (coloured parts of an SVG). It's best to use images with just the Outline Option 

Check out the Morph Tutorials and help article for tips

thanks.  Hm... that's why I think it may be better to have a "move" item instead of a morph... because I am really moving it -- a simple operation.  I can understand if it is a "morph" (a changing of cat into a dog) then it is complicated and color probably won't work well.  But in case of a move (moving a cat just 100 pixels to the right), then it should be quite easy and simple to maintain the color.  Maybe the future version of VideoScribe can have that... I will put this into the suggestion for future feature request...

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