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How to import old Videoscribes into new videoscribe account

My husband had an account and I created a video in there. Then I got an account and we closed his. I unexpectedly need to edit a video I made in his account (I saved it locally) how can I import it into my new account so I can continue to work on it?


1) If you only have a video file, you can't import video files into videoscribe, or open or edit videos in videoscribe.
2) If you had the project saved on any computer, just open videoscribe on that computer and the project will be displayed in the projects directory.

3) If you saved the project online, you can login to this website using the old account and download the project as a .scribe file.

4) If you exported the project as a .scribe file, just run videoscribe and import the .scribe file. More detailed instruction are provided on the Instant Answers page of this website.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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