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Export in MP4

It would make the process a lot easier if VideoScribe had the option to render to MP4. It is the most popular and most enjoyable format for clients, so every time I have to render it in AVI and then convert it to MP4. If we had the option to render straight to MP4 it would give us a considerable amount of time. It's even hard to understand how a software like VideoSrcribe doesn't have the option to render straight to MP4.

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You can render to MP4 with a Pro subscription.

You render to, then can download in an MP4 format with multiple resolution options.

Option 2 in the Publish and Share Scribes article. 

Through, you can still work on other projects whilst rendering, and it will send you an email when it's complete. 

I was not aware of this option, went unnoticed. Thank you very much!

I've had a license for a few years. and used to be activated. Suddenly it's grayed out. Can someone show me how to fix this function so i can save my video as an MP4?  thank you

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