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Issue with GIFs


1) I have added a Gif which is for 3 seconds,  i wan t to animate will 1.5 seconds and the freeze. I did happen when i set animation timing to 1.5 without loop. It is not happening now. not sure why.

2) During the videos once another GIF appears, the Previous GIF which is playing in loop starts moving faster. eg: GIF 1 is in loop, as GIF 2 appears and plays in loop, GIF 1 plays at ~200% speed. is there a solution for this.


It would be great if someone can help me a place where i can get whiteboard GIFs (Not Google or Ghiphy, am looking for whiteboard type of GIFs). There are very few available within the Videoscribe (GIF (Online)). 

It might be worth exporting your scribe with these GIFs and uploading it on the forum so we can take a closer look to get a better understanding.

Are the GIFs from the VideoScribe library?

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