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Support availability is TERRIBLE!

Yesterday open a ticket because I had paid without wanting a year and just wanted to know the final price I had applying the offer and it takes +24 hours to answer, it is amazing!

NUMER #60987

Apologies, I'll take a look at the ticket now for you, we do try and reply to everyone within a working day. Our ticketing system will order things for us based on when the last customer reply was recieved to try and ensure that we are responding to customers in order. As you have sent a number of emails over a couple of days each new update pushed your ticket to the back of the queue. We do try to keep an eye out for that happening but must have missed this one

That has no logic! And if I want to add a comment? I can't because my message automatically goes to the end of the queue .... That said, the support is TERRIBLE.

As I said we aware it's a weakness of our ticketing platform and we do our best to keep an eye out for any tickets that fall into that situation but we're humans and miss one from time to time. 

Apologies that the response times have not been great on this occassion but we are usually a lot quicker (our average response time this year is under 6 working hours) and it's just an unfortunate error on our part with this specific ticket. If you ever need us urgently you can always give us a call to speak to someone directly - Contact Support

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