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Make default option as left by user

Like 1. Move image right to left (for certain users then make it default option or keep it at previous status made by users. Same can be added in default settings 2. Font settings add in default settings like aerial black for some users then keep it at previous state as set by users 3. Provide no hand option and timing option at word writing window , pic attached here. 4. While porting image give no hand option here . Presently only moving option there. 5. While setting background music every time we have to select it's volume. Please keep it previous settings as set by users, also provide this in default settings. 6. Make a new menu as DRAFT so that favourite image can save/stored here for often use. It's like whatsapp feature starred massage . Make it possible to save our image like starred so that easily can be accessable. 7. Keep logo as default no need to port for every vdo and keep it on while vdo making so that able to decide whether it's overlapping with other images or not

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