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Crash during rendering / EMPTY SAVE

Videoscribe (v 3.4.0)froze during rendering of my latest video, and I got the popular message 'do you wish to cancel rendering'. 

Shame on me, I didn't save just prior to rendering. But I had at least a recent version saved on my local scribe.  As I hit the enter key a couple times on the 'do you wish to cancel rendering page', I was prompted to save my scribe. I thought, hey this is great. At least I can save my latest version. BUT - Videoscribe actually overwrote my existing file with a BLANK videoscribe. This in effect wiped out my entire scribe. I had a much older version archived online, so at least I didn't lose days of work. 

Has this happened to anyone else? 

Feature request: When you show a dialogue to save a scribe, please do not EVER save a blank scribe in its place. This is the worst you can do. Please fix. 

Hello Bryce, I'll turn this forum into a suport ticket so one of the team can get in touch and see if we can help recover anything.

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