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Free Trial is not launching after install on Mac


I just downloaded the free trial from Videoscribe and installed it.  When I launch the app, I can put in my username and password, but then it just goes to a blank screen and the app never launches.  Help please.


 Based on previous threads:

1) make sure that you install adobe Air

2) raise a support ticket to contact customer

3) if you think the problem is a bug in the newest version, uninstall the new version of videoscribe and install an older one from the downloads page

 I don't see a downloads page.  Can you please post the URL for that?

Also - the requirements for running the app does not call out Adobe Air.  Why do I have to install another 3rd party app just to get this one to run?


If you're having issues installing, raise a support ticket so the team can assist. 

same problem happens wth me. 

same here - very disappointed have been trying for so long now to start my work?

(to find the downloads, click the ACCOUNT link then login and click the "DOWNLOADS" button. On the downloads page, scroll down to the "previous versions" section.)


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Please uninstall and download this version 3.4.

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