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Archive software macOS


Where can I  find an archive with older versions of the software for MacOs. I use a 15 inch Mac Book Pro 2018, 2.9 Ghz 6 cores, 32 GB RAM, 560X, macOS Catalina 10.15.1 Beta and I had some problems when I used the trial actual version of the software (problems with the mouse in the program- I use a Magic Mouse 2, problems with the image library, etc.). I have used  some versions also in Windows with Bootcamp with small problems, but I want to  find a good  macOS version for me before paying for the full version. Thanks.

Hey Daniel, we always have the last couple of versions available at the bottom of the Downloads page.

Mac have introduced a number of extra requirements in 10.15 Catalina though which we are still working on so at the moment VideoScribe does not support that OS - System requirements for VideoScribe Desktop

If you are having technical issues always best to log a support ticket and we can take a closer look and give you some specific advice.


Hello. Is it possible to get a notification, as soon as it is working on Catalina ?

Thank you.

We will post on this forum for you whenever it's ready to go!

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