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Change all fonts in a project

Hey, I know  how to change the font for 1 text block at a time - but how to change the font for ALL text in the entire project in 1 go? Would be nice as I have made a fairly large project. Thanks for your time.

There's not a way to do that in VideoScribe itself, you would need to do it element by element.

If you have a particularly big project you need this done on then raise a support ticket as we can do this another way. You'll need to change the first text element in your scribe manually and save the project online. Let us know the name of the project and the font you need and we'll do the rest. You need to be looking at a lot of text elements though to make our option worth while, if you have less that 30 it'll still be more efficient doing to manually in VideoScribe (plus it could take us a day to get to the ticket if we're busy).

I have the same issue, every project is time-consuming.  There needs to be a way to change properties of multple blocks at once.  I'm trying to change the text on the whole project - it's almost crazy to go back and do it for each single element


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