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stupid program

My presentation stopped in certain point and fused to continue why? and when i tried to click next slide it retuned to certain slide I mentioned before

You could save the project online or attach it here as a .scribe file. Then raise a ticket to ask customer support help you figure out what you can do to fix it.

Some common mistakes and solution are mentioned in this thread:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

What is wrong? Right now my Scribe as follows:

When I started my preview it woks good until it reach the 6th slide and after playing that slide preview goes back to first slide. Sometimes it is starting at all or its start in the middle of the "show". I don't understand because after all this a quite interesting proggis.

ei kun moro!

Pertti Väyrynen

Hi Pretti- your camera positions aren't set properly. Most of them are set to the first scene.

I've set them accordingly, please see the attached scribe. Make sure whenever you add an element, or finish a scene, you set all your camera positions. 

I'd reccommend checking out our article, Use zoom and set the camera

I've also noticed you're using quite an old version, you can download the latest version 3.5 here.

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