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Text fade in/out over a background image?

Can text be faded in and out over a background image? I know it can be done with a white background - just needed text to fade out while still showing the attached image.


Fading in is not a problem. It's the fading out that has me stumped!

After a few hours of playing with this I think I have found a solution. I have attached a .docx file with instructions along with a rendered video showing the effect. 

Slight amendment to the instructions; you don't need the plain white background screen for this effect to work. I just needed that for my particular project. Thanks!

 Hi ,

Not sure if this is the way you did it, but you can just fade-in the text, then fade-in a copy of the background over the text to make the text disappear.

example from a previous thread:

(thread: )

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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