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VideoScribe v3.5 is now available

Version 3.5 of VideoScribe was released on the 21st October 2019. To upgrade simply log in to your Sparkol account and click on the Download button.

Version 3.5 includes the following improvements:

- New look scribe music library

- First-time user hints for trial customers

- Bug Fixes

- User Interface improvements

Read the VideoScribe v3.5 release notes to find out more detail of each these updates.

The problems still persist. The hand still looks on the screen. There is no problem watching videos on videoscribe, but there is time shifting after recording the video. I'm tired of reporting the problem.

Hello Murat, as you can see from the release notes we are always looking to make improvements, apologies if the issue you are facing hasn't been fixed yet. Most of the sync issues were resolved in v3.4, we still have an issue with .wmv which we are working on but the other formats should be spot on. 

If you are seeing issues with a specific scribe or format then always best to report it as the more information we have the easier things are to identify and fix. I can only see one support ticket from you on this subject from 4+ months ago so if you have an example you want us to look at please log a new ticket.

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