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Image Library

Could you please create a feature that shows the image larger when you hover over it? It's really hard to tell what some of the images are in detail and you can't make the image pop up box any larger.  I inserted what I thought was a group of people at a table and it turned out to be a family eating thanksgiving dinner. hahaha

It's already there, just not exactly how you are asking. If you right click on a thumbnail you are interested and select preview image, that will show it being drawn as well so you can see the full effect before you choose it and add it to the canvas.

Thanks for your reply! I did not know about right clicking on the image. That is helpful, but is time consuming as you have to watch the whole image being drawn before you see the whole thing. Even if I could drag out the pop up box and make the images larger that way or see less images on a page so they are appear larger. I am not old, LOL but the images are small and hard to see the details. Thanks for considering my suggestion and giving me a solution in the meantime!

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