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How to save as avi, mp4 or powerpoint? (urgent due to application deadline)

Hey guys,

I know how to save a scribe video locally or online - but it's always as .scribe. Now, I need to save it in a format that everyone else can immediately access as I'm applying for a job and have to send them the file as avi, mp4 or powerpoint. I know it should be possible coz the 'product features' say so, but I'm really at a loss of how.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Javier- when you select the save or export option, it will only save as a .scribe file.

You need to render your scribe. 

Follow the steps in our instant answer, Publish and Share Scribes. This will show you how to render into a video format, or publish online.

Hi Hayley,

awesome, got it! Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated,

best, Javier

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