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Read .scribe file for translations / internationalization

 Good morning,

I need to translate a project into many languages. There seem to be no automated support for this task, yet.

I'm thinking about developing a tool to replace all text and graphic references automatically in the .scribe file, but the problem is that it seem to be encoded/encrypted/compromized/... It is unreaable when I open it in a text editor. Could you tell me how to decode it to make the changes, and then encode it again?

Thank you and best wishes,


The .scribe file is not intended to be opened or edited outside of videoscribe, I believe. However, it is basically a zip file with an XML file in it, I think. If you are familiar with XML you may be able to experiment with it.

 Hi Mike,

thank you for your answer! Great, that's exactly what I need. I just had a look at the extracted xml file and it is relatively easy to automate the translation process based on this file. For all who have the same aim:

For text replacement only, one could create a template project and .scribe file with unique IDs instead of text, e.g. ###text-1###. The translation files for the translators would then have the format:

###text-1### - Original text - translated text

Now one can write a simple tool/script/program which reads the template xml and replaces all ids with the translated text.

For inserted SVGs it's probable a little bit more complicated, as their source is pasted in attributes of xml-tags: So a good solution would be to parse the xml, extract all IDs of the drawings (and texts), create a mapping of ID to text/SVG and do a complete xml manipulation/replacement of the texts and drawings. For all who have worked with xml libraries that should not be a big problem.

Thank you Mike and greetings,


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