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Is possible up videos in instagram?

Is possible up videos in Instagram?

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If you render your scribe into a video file format, you can then upload to Instagram.

Follow option 1 in the Publish and Share scribes article. 

Saludos, compré el plan anual y veo que la opción de faceboo ya no sale. Qué pueod hacer para publicra enesta red? Y  cómo es posible publicar en tamañ0 600 X 600 para instagram?

Por qué ya no sale la opción de publicar en facebook. Y cómo puedo publicar en 600 X 600 para instagram

Facebook made some changes so we had to turn that off, you will need to render locally then upload to Facebook manually.

You can only make 16:9 videos with VideoScribe, 1:1 videos are not available.

However there is a trick for Instagram IGTV videos 9:16 

1. what you can do is use video scribe sideways like turn the whole pc/laptop screen sideways vertically

2. create a video as usual  bit tricky bt yeah the end result is when you post to igtv the whole screen covers up with the video instead of usual small cropped screen

3. when the project is complete export as usual and just use 3rd party apk inshort or premier pro and jus rotate the screen 90 

4. so now you have is a animated white board explainer with ratio 9:16


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