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Videoscribe needs a proper multi-track timeline and better editing capability

Can anyone at Sparkol give an update on plans to develop the Videoscribe timeline please?

There are lots of discussion threads on here detailing how frustrating it is not to have a separate audio track - it is so time consuming having to manually adjust each object with no visible waveform. It's basically trial and error to get anything timed precisely. Every time you make a small adjustment, it throws everything else out of sync.

Also, it is incredibly limiting only being able to play one object after another on the timeline. Anything that happens after something else also appears spatially on top of it, and you can only have one effect happening at a time!

Like many other users on here, I end up exporting Videoscribe projects and editing the audio and adding sound and visual effects in another program. It is incredibly fiddly to add layered visual effects to an exported Videoscribe project as you need to precisely replicate the pan and zoom effect.

There are things I like about Videoscrive very much, but I feel I am constantly trying to find workarounds as its editing capability is so, so limited.

(The two improvements in the latest version (re-instatement of object camera position button, and ability to select and move only one object at a time) are really helpful by the way)

I guess my question is, what can we expect from this product? Are there plans to really invest in its development or should I be building my skills in another program? Right now you seems to specialise in a particular effect, but you're a long way off having a strong standalone product.

If somehow Videoscribe effects could be available as part of another program (for example, Camtasia) that would be really powerful.

YES...Totally agree 1000%. I have requested this feature years ago.What needs to happen to get it done?

 Also agree. That was the first thing I noticed when I did my first Scribe.

 Its really frustrating, when you need to fix or change something and you need to change your complete audiofile.

Any plans for a timeline ??

Or at least, a "start audio at 00:30" would be great.

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