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Draw a simple icon

Dear all, 

My name is Anne Cécile and Im now starting to work with Video scribe.

I have an issue and i hope you can help me with very simple words because i m not good at english and pretty bad at computer. So i was hoping someone could kindly help me step by step...

1) I have bought an icons group, in EPS format:


2) i would like to use them, in my videos, with an effect that i love and found in a youtube channel called Mind Parachutes. But i don't get any kind of nice effect :-)

3) i have converted my file in both PNG and JPG and in both case, they look therrible just like this:


I will only use simple ICONS (no pictures) with one or two colors.

Can someone explain to me with simple words and step by step how to get to this effect? or at lest something clean not like what i get now?

I just invented in scribe and i love it but i don't know how to solve this and i spent the day with this problem....

Thank you very much for your kindness, Anne Cécile 

Your images need to be in .SVG format to draw correctly. I have attached a quick .SVG file. Hope this is what you are looking for.

head.svg head.svg
1.97 KB

I also downloaded it is a small video and a scribe file. Here they are

head.wmv head.wmv
607 KB

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