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Is it possible to make my own drawing look like they were hand Drew

I have followed a lot of tutorials to make my own drawings on videoscreibe and they turned out to look good,(or at least thats what i think) here´s an example.

The only thing that i cant find on tutorials is how to make svg images look like if they were drew with a brush, i mean, make them look like if i put pressure on certains spots of the drawing.

Recentrly i found an image in the videoscribe library that shows exactly the kind of line im looking for. If you look for the word "Robot", you can find the image im showing you in the pic below.

The question is, how did you achieve this image to look like that and to work well in the software?

I hope you guys understand what im talking about, i tried my best on the explanation, english is not my native language.

I hope you can help me.


Thanks a lot Mike. I followed your instructions and they worked, but i ran into another issue.

When i put color on my svg images, the color shows up where the invisible "basic stroke" is too.

Is there a solutions for this?

This pic shows the color next to the black stroke as the hand is drawing


This is the ful svgimage

You should visualize the pics in full screen to notices what im talking about

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