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Why is all my locally saved projects gone?

Why is all my locally saved projects gone?

I just saved the videoscribe. Closed videoscribe. Restarted my computer and now everything is gone!

I know that I went into the correct account.


It looks like "recent scribes" is selected. What happens if you click on "local scribes"?

In addition to being logged into the same videoscribe account, are you logged into the same windows or mac account? (maybe a permissions issue of some sort?)

Avoid using any kind of hard drive cleaning software that might mistakenly "clean up" your work files.

Make sure your file finishes saving before closing videoscribe or restarting your computer.

Raise a support ticket to ask if customer support can help you retrieve your local files. Maybe the work files are intact and only the file list for the projects page is damaged.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)

If I click "local scribes" it still doesn't show anything. I am logged into the same windows account. I don't use any kind of cleanup. It was done saving. I have raised a ticket, but no answer yet.

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