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Every time I upload a Scribe video a page called "BEING INDIAN" claims a DISPUTE over '25sec of video matches one of there videos" which is not true. I've already won both claims, but it keeps happening!

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I was confronted with this problem today too!

We are aware of the situation and have made Facebook aware but there is little we can do. These are fake claims and will be overturned if you contest them.

To take this any further we would need to know which specific 'Being Indian' account is doing this as there are a few on Facebook, any information you can provide on that would be great? Also if you can make it clear to Facebook when you appeal that the issue is SPAM and happening to a lot of VideoScribe users that would also be useful.

Hi Barry, 

Being India also fake claim my video made with videoscribe on Facebook. I cannot monetize the video because of this. Can videoscribe team help?

You can counter those copyright claims on the platforms and your videos will be reinstated. 

This individual seems to be randomly targeting a number of videos made with our software but there is no validity to their claims and the social media networks involved will have no issues putting your videos back in place. 

Unfortunately, this just seems to be someone being malicious and there is nothing VideoScribe can do to stop this. 

Dear Hayley,

Thank you for replying. That's too bad, because of their action, my page was rejected to apply for monetization on Facebook, while it is fine on Youtube.

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