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As we work on a project the scribe becomes very huge with several text and images.   Presently, to my knowledge, there is no way by which we can navigate from the last slide to any slide in between or go directly to the beginning slide.  We are allowed to use only the two arrows at the ends of the navigation area.  This makes it too cumbersome.

This is to request you to include 

1. a navigation slider facility just above or below the timeline pane.

2. a search facility by which we can search for a text or image reference in our project and are immediately taken to that particular slide or to the next searched one using search next or search prior button.

These will hugely impact project development time frames and make Videoscribe more friendly.

Exactly, such slider and searcher would save loads of time. 

Please, introduce those two functions asap.

Yeah, something like that would be great, but sparkol doesn't often add functions to its program, it's very neglected...

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