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What is the unit of the ruler at top and left margin? how can one change the unit of the ruler?

The reason I ask is that I wish to post VideoScribes to Instagram, I had some minor success publishing to Powerpoint, then opening the VideoScribe in an Instagram size template I created in powerpoint and publishing form powerpoint in the appropriate format then upload it to isntagram.

It would be easier if I could adjust the ruler in VideoScribe or create a 'canvas' with the size that is Instagram friendly, so objects aren't cut off?  I was wondering if there was a way to change the ruler's unit?  It appears that is in cm?, but I'm not sure.

I guess I could import my powerpoint template into Instagram and make it my canvas.  

Update>  I  created a template slide in powerpoint with dimensions friendly to Instagram, put a border with a white canvas, then saved it .png.  I successfully upload it the .png file into VideoScribe.  So I guess I answer my own question.  

But will be curious to know what the unit of the ruler is?

Thank you in advance.

The guidelines don't actually have any particular unit of measurement. There's no numbers on them or anything, they're simply just guidelines to enable you to evenly layout your scribe

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