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Words per minute


it would be really nice to be able to set a words per minute speed so that no matter how much text is being "written" it is all at the same speed.

Currently I'm trying to guess whether 10 seconds for X number of words is the same as 5 seconds for Y number of words. I know I can calculate it but it would be a nice to have feature.

Short answer:  I do not know an optimal amount of drawing time per letter, because I avoid using long blocks of text for aesthetic reasons.

Long answer:

There are a few options  for using text in videoscribe:

1) use only pictures with no text. This option may be excessive, but it allows you to change voiceovers or uses subtitles in multiple languages without altering the video text.

2) Use mostly pictures mixed with individual words or brief phrases that reinforce important points in the voice over. This method seems to be the most effective technique for whiteboard videos, and is seen in some of the most acclaimed and viral videos.

3) Use mostly drawings and manually add all the voiceover near top or bottom of the screen as hardcoded subtitles. This technique works well if you have no voiceover, or if the viewer may be watching with the sound off, or if the viewer needs to be able to read the script for other reasons. If this is the case, it may be best to have the whole subtitle appear instantly and then draw the accompanying images to maintain visual interest. viewers can pause or rewind if necessary

4) Have videoscribe draw out large blocks of text. This is one of the worst options and very tedious to watch. If you are considering drawing out large blocks of text, consider instead breaking it down into short phrases and words and using a combination of "move-in", "fade-in", "draw", and camera movements to make the video more interesting. It will require more work, but the results can be much better.  Another option is to show a medium size block of text, with a zero-second draw time, or have the camera move to an already drawn block of text, and leave it visible while you draw small images in the borders of the screen to add visual interest.

The following example was not made in videoscribe, and has some effects that cannot be duplicated in videoscribe, but might give you some ideas (sorry, there is  a swear word in it):

mike(videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

thanks for your tips, some nice ideas in there.

I'm not outputting huge amounts of text as I've split it up into shorter chunks but thought that it would be nice to be able to set a WPM so that no matter whether you wrote one line or three lines of text, the WPM was the same.

Currently I'm just guessing how much time each one requires to make them seem to be written at the same speed.

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